Reuse of your contribution

You are free to decide how the texts you write may be reused by other readers. You can choose between two alternatives:

  • Unlimited reuse
  • Limited reuse

Everyone is entitled to link to and cite your articles freely without asking for your permission in advance, regardless of which alternative you choose. However, as the originator, you have certain rights with respect to your text:
You hold the copyright to your text, regardless of whether you have chosen limited or unlimited reuse.
Everyone who uses your text outside of must credit you as the author of the article.

Unlimited reuse

If you choose unlimited reuse, you grant the reader broader rights to use your texts outside of this website. This means that they can copy, republish and build on them without asking for your permission in advance. However, they must make it clear that you are the author of the text, and link back to your contribution when they do so. Unlimited reuse means that the texts receive a Creative Commons licence CC-BY-SA-3.0.

Limited reuse

If you choose limited reuse, the reader’s rights to use your texts outside of this website are more restricted. They must ask your permission before they can copy, republish and build on them.

Arts Council Norway’s recommendation

Arts Council Norway recommends that contributors license their contributions for unlimited reuse. Unlimited reuse enables schools, universities, university colleges and media companies to include contributions to greater effect in their editorial and educational products. In this way, knowledge and awareness of the intangible cultural heritage can be spread to even more people.