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Your knowledge is invaluable! By submitting your contribution to the Knowledge Bank, you are helping to highlight the diversity of Norway’s intangible cultural heritage and increase awareness of this aspect of cultural heritage.

We wish to gain an overview of all the familiar and less familiar traditions practised by various communities and in various locations in Norway.

The Knowledge Bank is open to everyone. You can share your contribution by creating a user and logging in to our website. To share a contribution, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  1. Summary: This will be displayed at the top, under the heading. Explain briefly what your practice involves.
  2. About the tradition and knowledge: Describe how it is done, when it is done and what is needed to do it. Is the practice performed in specific social settings?
  3. Highly skilled practitioners: List the names of those who practise the skill to a good or high standard. Make sure the person(s) concerned have consented to their names being listed.
  4. Knowledge transfer: Describe how the practice is traditionally taught to new practitioners.
  5. Historical background: Describe if today’s practice is the same as it was before. Describe, in addition, how the aims and purpose of the practice have changed.
  6. Plan for preservation: What are the future prospects for the practice/skill/cultural expression? What steps have been taken, if any, to preserve the knowledge concerned?
  7. Images, videos, audio clips: Here you can upload media that illustrate your practice.

Some fields in the form are mandatory. You can write as much or as little as you like. Your contribution will be published immediately. You can edit your contribution at any time.

Rights and crediting

When you submit a contribution, you accept the following terms and conditions:

  • You may only submit images, videos or other visual materials that you yourself have created or that the copyright holder has authorised you to submit. You must therefore make sure that you are legally entitled to use the images, videos or any other material.
  • You may not submit images or videos unless the person(s) shown in them consent to the image/video being submitted. If the person(s) are under the age of 15, you must obtain the consent of their parent or guardian.
  • Photographers and other copyright holders must be credited in the image caption.
  • Any persons mentioned by name in your text must be aware that you have done so.

You can decide to allow unlimited reuse of your contribution, or to limit its further use. Read more about reuse here.

Update your contribution

Intangible cultural heritage is about living cultural practices. You can update the information at any time. To show that the practice you are describing is alive and that it is being passed on, we expect you to update your contribution at least every two years. Please focus on how you are working to maintain and pass on this knowledge and tradition to new practitioners.

Contributions that are not updated as directed, will be removed.

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