Unlimited reuse

Unlimited reuse means that the article is licensed under a Creative Commons licence CC-BY-SA-3.0. This means that everyone is entitled to share, use, copy and build further on the article, as long as the original author is credited (named) and the article retains the same open licence in subsequent use. BY-SA stands for Attribution Share-Alike, which means that the premise for unlimited use is that the original copyright holder is named (attribution) and that the article retains the same rights going forward (share-alike).

Correct attribution

You do not need to ask the originator for permission to use articles from “Intangible Cultural Heritage” that are licensed for unlimited reuse. However, you must credit the originator correctly for your reuse to be lawful.

The name of the author must be prominently displayed. The links form an important part of the attribution, and must also be published if the text is to be printed on paper. Links to the article, its author and the licence document used are all required.

If you wish to reuse an article licensed for unlimited reuse, you must write the following in the byline:

  • Author’s surname, author’s first name. Place. kulturarv.wpengine.com CC-BY-SA-3.0


  • Rosvold, Knut A. Trondheim. kulturarv.wpengine.com. CC-BY-SA-3.0